Welcome to Mitali Homestays, Shantiniketan

A well-loved  site in the Shantiniketan  spectrum of accommodation and hospitality for visitors

“Mitali” has been a family home for over a half-century, the first modern residence in the Phuldanga area of Shantiniketan, just 1.5 kilometres from the heart of the Viswa Bharati  University campus. What is new, however, since late 2011, is the entry of Mitali as a Homestay, a concept that is itself relatively new in this part of Bengal. A Homestay, so that visitors have a relaxing place to stay and enjoy themselves, where they can feel at home, unwind and recharge their batteries. It offers the opportunity to spend some stress-free time in peace and quiet, in spacious green surroundings with clean air, to enjoy great food, to have enough private space to be by oneself, but also to invite family and friends to, and, possibly, enjoy the opportunity to converse and develop interesting new friendships and contacts. The name “Mitali” in Bangla means ‘friendship’, and the unspoken intention, is the broad objective of developing a pan-Indian and international network of friends. Mitali is for discerning people who enjoy meeting others across cultures, in a unique environment inspired and promoted by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and his universalist ideals when he founded Shantiniketan.

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