Rooms & Dining

Mitali is divided into two types of accommodation, one for residents and their invited friends and relatives, and the other for the Homestay guests who pay towards their stay and also benefit from the general Mitali facilities and grounds. The Main House is primarily reserved for the former, while the rooms in an Annex building, with greater privacy and independence, are mostly destined for Homestay guests (They can also be served food there). In order to maintain needed flexibility, especially during periods of high demand in the late monsoon (also festive season) and cooler months from September to March, sometimes the paying guests without young children are also housed in the Main House. Similarly, sometimes the overflow from non-paying family guests may be accommodated in the Annex.

In this scheme, therefore, there are a total of six living units for guests spread between the Main House (three), the Annex (two) and the “Bhab Kutir”. Each of the living units has air-conditioning (except Bhab Kutir), attached bathrooms, and two wide beds (except for the Honeymoon Suite which has 3 beds, the Sushil room which has one bed, and the Bhab Kutir which has an extra-large bed and two single beds). It should be noted that none of the rooms has facilities for extra beds. When there are power-cuts (occasional but unpredictable), there are back-up power-supplies for all fans and lights throughout Mitali (but not for the heavy consuming appliances such as geysers and air-conditioners). Units all benefit from large windows with great views of the natural flora of the estate.

The Annex units also have insect-protection screens, refrigerators and television sets with cable (TataSky) connections.

The Bhab Kutir also has insect-protection screens but no other appliances.

Please check Room Tariffs for room prices.

General considerations

The principal issue with the living units situated in the Main House is the need to preserve the privacy, space and tranquility of the home for the residents, their families and friends. There are also many articles in the Main House that are fragile and irreplaceable as they of major sentimental value. Consequently, young children are not encouraged to stay in the living units of the Main House. Also the common space areas of the Main House ground floor, other than the dining areas, and especially the Living-Room and the Verandah, are normally reserved for the use of the residents and personal guests of Mitali. In any case, guests are of course welcome to roam the extensive gardens and grounds of Mitali, or to settle with a book on the roof or lawn.

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