Dining choices

Mitali has three eating-areas for residents and guests: during the warmer periods and monsoons, the ground floor has a dining area inside and also outside in the verandah. When the weather is clement, the main eating place is under an open tiled ‘pergola’ on the roof of the Main House, called “Jonaki”, which has its own attached and open-view modern kitchen. The room rates normally include a full breakfast. Lunch and dinner may also be offered as part of an all-inclusive package. Cuisines from across Bengal and India, the Mediterranean and the Far East (vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian) are made from the finest ingredients and are aimed at being light and healthy. Their dominant flavours and aromas rely to a large extent on an imaginative use of Mitali’s organic produce, including fresh herbs and spices, limes and the use of first-press olive oil. The focus is on using the fresh seasonal organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs cultivated in Mitali’s own gardens. There is no “a-la-carte” menu, and compromises are worked out for each meal depending on the number of guests and families and the variety of stated preferences (e.g. vegetarian, non-vegetarian)

Full board per person which includes lunches and dinners and tea or coffee twice a day, is at an additional Rs. 500-1,000 per day per adult (half for a child below 12 years of age).

Separate charges for meals are as follows:

  • Breakfast & refreshments are together charged Rs. 200 per person (but normally included in the room rates given above)
  • Lunch and dinner tariffs vary from Rs. 250 to Rs. 500 per meal, depending on the ingredients and type of cuisine.

Food charges are set on a no-profit, no-loss basis, as a valued service to guests, so that they do not have to go far outside Mitali for meals. Preferences should be discussed at least a day in advance and may be met to the extent feasible, depending on market supply and staff resources. Our own lived experience is that restaurant or street food in Shantiniketan is generally of very varied quality, heavy in the use of oils and spices, and largely confined to routine Bangla, North Indian or Indianised Chinese dishes. These often do not suit the palate of foreign visitors, or those with special dietary restrictions. Nevertheless, whenever we discover food outlets in the vicinity that are reliable and of good quality, we are all too happy to recommend them to guests.

Since ours is not a walk-in restaurant with numerous staff, meal-times are specified in advance and need to be strictly adhered to for service to be available (the staff need to move to other tasks and return to their village homes): (Breakfast 8.30– 9.30; Lunch: 12.30 – 2.30 pm; and Dinner: 8.00 – 9.30 pm).  Outside these times, food may be served only in the rooms. Summer timings could be both earlier and later. Tea may be served in the rooms after 7 am, and tea and coffee are available at breakfast, and also once at tea-time (4 to 5 pm)  in the afternoon; additional refreshments and snacks are subject to the availability of staff time, and will be charged separately. Beyond this, all calls on staff (who are considered part of the Mitali family) to provide extra services should be routed through the management.

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