Room Tariffs

The main features of the accommodation available at Mitali for Homestay guests.

The Annex rooms are the priority destination for new guests and especially those with young children, while the ground-floor Main House rooms are suitable for older guests  who have difficulty managing stairs.

  1. Annex, A/C “Honeymoon Suite, double-room and single-room
  2. Annex, “Gautam” A/C double-room
  3. Main House, “Nandini” A/C double-room
  4. Main House, “Tara” A/C double-room
  5. Main House, “Sushil” A/C single-room
  6. Traditional Earth Cottage, “Bhab Kutir” Non A/C large room for group of 2-5 occupants
Room Building Daily tariff, including breakfast No. of beds
Honeymoon suite Annex Rs. 5,000 Three
Gautam Annex Rs. 4,000 Two (twin)
Tara Main Rs. 3,500 Two (twin)
Nandini Main Rs. 4,000 Two (twin)
Sushil Main Rs. 2,500 Single, wide

The daily tariff applies to the time between check-in at 1 pm to check-out the following day at 12 noon.

An additional luxury tax of 5% is being charged by the state govt. for A.C. accommodation.

Accommodation charges are per living-unit, not per person (maximum occupancy of two adults and a small child below 12 years of age in a double-room; there is no space or provision for extra beds, with the existing twin beds being wider than normal). The rooms have progressively lower rates for stays of more than 3 nights.

1. Annex, A/C “Honeymoon Suite, double-room and single-room

One of the Annex living units is a mini-apartment with its separate entrance at the head of some stairs, called the “Honeymoon Suite”. The main bedroom is double-bedded and has the attached bathroom. There is also a connected single-bedded room with a desk and wi-fi modem, which looks out onto a large, open but private terrace. Both bedrooms have air-conditioners. In addition, there is a fully-furnished small kitchen with its own cooking facilities, U-V water filtration unit, utensils and cutlery. Since the bathroom is shared, but the whole unit is self-contained, this Suite is eminently suitable for longer stay rentals by small families, or for up to two visiting scholars who intend to do research and writing and either wish to occasionally do their own cooking or have meals supplied by Mitali.

2. Annex, “Gautam” A/C double-room

The second living unit in the Annex is at a slightly higher elevation than the Honeymoon Suite, also with its separate entrance. It is a double-bedded room with two large windows,  and with a large and modern bathroom attached. Long-stay reduced rates are also available for this unit, called “Gautam”.

3. Main House, “Nandini” A/C double-room and 4. “Tara” A/C double-room

There are two living units for guests (mainly non-paying family, relatives and friends, but sometimes let out to paying, but easily integrated and quiet, outsiders) on the ground-floor of the Main House. They are both double-bedded rooms with attached modern bathrooms equipped with hot-water geysers. “Nandini” is a particularly large and spacious room which has a roll-out third bed when required, while “Tara” is more intimate – notwithstanding two large beds – and is also suitable for single-occupancy if required, at a reduced rate. These two living units can be connected for a family group, or kept locked and separate.

5. Main House, “Sushil” A/C single-room

Finally, there is a small, single-bedded room called “Sushil”, with an adjacent private bathroom , at the top of the stairs of the Main House, bearing left and opposite the roof-terrace dining area “Jonaki”. The room enjoys a high degree of privacy and quiet, and with its three windows providing a panoramic view of Mitali, is suitable for a long stay for those wishing to study or write (it used to be a study). As the bed is quite wide (4 ft.), it is also suitable for a single person with a young child or a young couple.

6. Traditional Earth Cottage, “Bhab Kutir” Non A/C large room for group of 2-5 occupants

The “Bhab Kutir” is an earth-based independent construction with a thick, long-straw roof. the walls starting with a 3-foot thickness at the base and gradually tapering to 1.5 feet at the top. There are 3 large windows,two with steel mosquito screens built-in, a built-in cupboard, a desk and chairs. The main bed is made of bricks and sand, and is 7ft x 7ft, for up to 3 adults to be able to sleep in comfort. There are two other single beds of 3 ft width, somewhat shorter, to which most adults adapt. The room is 25ft in length and 17ft wide, with the central part of the ceiling up to 17ft. A mud-brick wall has been constructed at one end of the room to separate it from the truncated boutique. With these dimensions, the Bhab room is the coolest in Mitali and, even in mid-Summer, does not require any A/C, nor would any room A/C be able to function effectively. There is an inverter which provides for the lights and fans to function, not the geyser for the bathroom. There are 2 toilets for the convenience of larger families or group of friends that might occupy the room. So far, we have not installed a TV, in keeping with the traditional, rural ‘look’ of the cottage. As one steps out of the main door (also fitted with a steel mesh door, so that there is open ventilation), there is a cleared portion of the orchard that is available for Bhab guests to use.

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