The Homestays Concept

‘Homestays’ differ importantly from Hotels, Guest Houses and typical Bed-and-Breakfast (B & Bs) arrangements, in being established family homes where the owners themselves are in permanent residence and where they can interact with, and provide support daily to guests, whenever called upon. As it is their own home, there is the need for a degree of compatibility between guests and hosts, established during the booking process to ensure a matching of expectations. Thus when the hosts respond to requests for accommodation, or invite guests selectively on a rental or paid basis, it must be based on the hosts’ personal commitment to making the experience enjoyable and memorable, As in the case of “Mitali”, the payments help to defray the expenses of maintaining a large estate with numerous staff. In return, the guests feel part of an established and functioning home with its own character and history, where the care is much more personal and instructive of the local culture and environment than would be possible in a purely commercial establishment.

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