Rules & Conditions

Environmental considerations and house rules

The water-supply is from underground sources tapped by Mitali’s wells and pumps, with ultra-violet water purification for drinking purposes as an added precaution. Waste is recycled within the property. Fossil fuels and fresh water are precious these days, and we insist that all guests help us in conserving these resources, making sure that all appliances, lights and fans are switched off whenever leaving the rooms. Air-conditioners require special attention, keeping all windows and doors closed during use, and ensuring that they are switched off on exit.

The treasured books that constitute the Mitali library, and are dispersed in various rooms of the estate – including the guest rooms – may be read by guests if they are treated with care and returned to their original places before departure. While there is television and cable-channels in the Annex rooms designed for long stays, the inclusion of TV viewing or audio listening has not been intended as a feature for regular Homestay guests, in the interests of safeguarding the tranquil atmosphere of Mitali itself. It should be evident as well that the fruits, vegetables and mushrooms cultivated organically at Mitali are not for direct picking by guests, as they are used as the primary base for cooking and making preserves. The doors of the Main House and the Mitali main gates are locked at about 10pm and opened at 7 am, unless otherwise arranged in advance. When leaving the House, the room or apartment keys should be left with the caretaker or his wife for cleaning purposes. If the rooms’ cupboard or drawer keys are carried around by the guests during their stay, it is of course their responsibility to hand them in at the time of checking-out.

In conclusion, in order to maintain the peace, quiet and pollution-free atmosphere of Mitali, we would like to request the cooperation of all residents, friends and guests alike in respecting the following rules:

a) No smoking in the common closed areas or in the rooms. or mobile use (unless kept on silent mode) in the common-use areas of the buildings.

b) Mitali does not possess (or wish to apply for) an alcohol license for public consumption by guests. If any alcohol is brought by guests or requested for local purchase, it should be consumed in their rooms, or at the table, without disturbance to other guests or residents.

c) Voices and sounds should be kept to private levels, and the help of all Mitali occupants is sought in maintaining the peaceful environment and cleanliness of the grounds.

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